Taper and Threaded Button Bits


For a button bit to satisfactorily fulfill its functions, exceptionally high demands are made on the quality and mechanical property requirements for button bit steels. In order to ensure correct fastening of the taper bit onto the taper rod, the bit should at first be manually fitted by means of a firm blow.

The operator should then commence collaring against a flat perpendicular face taking care not to damage the bit and the rod as a result of aggressive or uncontrolled drilling during this initial fitting stage, once the bit is secured, normal drilling may continue.

NB Correct removal of the bit by using a bit remover is essential if the taper rod is to obtain full life. High abrasion resistance is an important parameter exhibited by JBC drill bits.

Button its often operate under highly abrasive conditions, owing to the presence of rock chippings. Insufficient resistance to abrasion would result in rapid body wear.

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