Drill Steels


Drill steels are widely used for small hole drilling.

  • Integral drill steels ‐ Wet drilling – Rubber collar
    This is a drilling operation in which the cuttings are flushed out of a drilled hole by a strong current of liquid, usually water, to suppress dust and reduce the danger of pneumoconiosis.
  • Integral drill steels ‐ Dry drilling – Forged collar
    This is a drilling technique that utilizes compressed air to flush out the cuttings up the drilled hole and to cool the bit. The bit consists of a chisel shaped tungsten carbide insert. To drill deep holes, the rods are designed to be used in series where the length of any rod used is longer than the one used just before it.
  • Taper steels ‐ Dry drilling
    The basic principle behind the JBC Taper drilling system is to optimize the life of a drill steel by removing the worn out taper bit and replacing it with a new one.
  • Directional drill steels
    Directional steels are used for rock splitting and mainly used in quarries.
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